Day 1b Who Am I ?

My name is Alan David,  I've been making music in some form since I was  six. I've always been interested in creating music. My first exposure to  playing guitar was at a friends house. My friend's older brother had a book, with pictures and “dots that showed you where to put your fingers”, my friend explained to me. I took the book home and memorized the 5 or 6 chords that I could coax my fingers to find, gave the book back, and began writing songs with some combination of those 5 or 6 chords. This went on for quite a while. eventually though, 
I broke down and learned more chords, and watched guitar players on TV wiggling their fingers and looking awesome, so I wiggled my fingers and looked awesome,  

I also tore apart every electronic device I could find, and created some interesting and potentially deadly versions of a guitar amp. This would serve me later in life. I played in bands until  I was thirty. Always playing original music. I took a couple real stabs at ‘rock stardom’ but eventually developed a taste for not starving. 

During the same  time period I became obsessed with astronomy and astrophysics. As with the guitar, I did not understand what I was reading in books, but it  resonated within me none-the-less. Indeed pouring over countless books on these topics led me to a general understanding of, and appreciation for math. I decided I'd like to be an electronics engineer. 

Now, engineer was not my first choice in life. Based on a document my mother saved from my second grade home work assignment in which I directly answered the question " What do you want to be when you grow up? 
I answered;.  a musician. an astronaut, a comedian, and a race car driver.  Engineer wasn't on the list. 
So I guess I failed. But, I have been a musician, I tend to be funny, I've been pretty good at racing(on line) and,
well, I have been pretty high. Not outside of earth's gravity but……what ?  

Anyway, engineering isn't the worst way to earn a living. I'm still at it, and more importantly , and I might add, more dazzlingly, I'm still a musician. I still love writing songs, and I still love screaming them at people, as I did when I was six. So I guess that's me, I'll sign off now, and likely think of something to add a few seconds after I hit the publish button.

End of transmission




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