Greetings from America's Dairyland. I'm Alan David,  composer, multi-instrumentalist & producer. manmademoon is my musical multiverse. A place of sonic story telling, 
born of a love of all things astronomical, aeronautical, & avant garde. My music could be considered alternative & experimental. I tend to explore textures from jazz, fusion, 
progressive rock, and ambient music, along with elements of electronica, trip-hop, bass ā€˜nā€™ drums, and noise, occasionally drifting back to my roots of post-punk & power-pop. 
Indeed, what attracts me to this idea of one man-band  is the invigorating challenge and freedom to explore new music, all music, day to day and song to song.
manmademoon will always be a vehicle designed to withstand the rigors of fearless, relentless  exploration. "To boldly go where no moon has gone before"

That's me today. I'm focused on my recorded output, and reaching as many people as possible with my music. You'll find more in the blog.